We Design, Install and Create Streamlined Flow for Your Unique Spaces with Our Murphy Bed Systems and Mudroom Storage Solutions

Custom Closets of Houston designs and installs custom-built Murphy Bed systems and Mudroom storage solutions for the unique spaces in your home. Our design and installation services enhance your home with storage systems that are functional, stylish, durable and easy to use for all of your organization needs.

Custom Closets of Houston Bring Imaginative Designs and Installation Services to Your Unique Spaces!

Oftentimes, you may find areas of your home that are difficult to organize and bring functionality to. We specialize in creating beautiful, stylish designs for the unique spaces in your home. From mudroom build-outs to Murphy Bed installations, our design and installation team is here to help you bring easy to use, streamlined options to any area of your home for complete organizational bliss.

Our designers will meet you at your home for:

  • Free, Personalized In-Home Design Consultation with 3D Design Software
  • Bring Samples of Organization Accessories and Custom Cabinetry for the Perfect Match
  • Advise You With Invaluable Insight for Home Organization and Design Techniques
  • Bring Murphy Bed Solutions and Ideas for Extra Versatile Spaces in Your Home
  • Help You Design a Mud Room of Magazine Quality with Custom Cabinetry and More

We have the design and installation services you need to outfit any area of your home with storage solutions that keep you clutter-free and offer unique layouts for odd spaces. Our professional installers work to build you the perfect spaces that are safe, durable and stylish- all while providing you with excellent customer service that is unmatched.

We Create Versatile Spaces with our Custom Crafted Products

Custom Closets of Houston utilizes the best products in the industry for home organization systems. We offer cabinet and storage solutions that feature:

  • Seven Door/Drawer Style Options
  • Over Twenty-Five Colors and Finishes
  • Durable, Thermally Laminate Finishes Built to Last
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Wood Cabinets and Shelving Products
  • Custom Accessories to Enhance Any Space in Your Home

How to Create a Mudroom with Custom Storage Solutions!

Mudrooms and entryways can be tough to design without the help of a professional. Our designers love the challenge of taking a space that needs organizational help and turning it into a beautiful area that seamlessly flows with the rest of your home. Our favorite mudroom features include:

Shoe Cubbies

Adjustable Shelves

Custom Cabinetry

Metal Baskets

Diverse Hooks

Multi-Purpose Hanging Rods

Custom Benches

Full-Extension Drawers for Storage Needs

Murphy Beds Bring Versatility and Organizational Ease to Your Home!

Our team of professionals are experts in bringing versatile solutions to any room in your home that needs to be multi-functional. Our Murphy Beds offer easy to use solutions with custom cabinets and storage solutions that fit your lifestyle needs. Some of our favorite Murphy Bed benefits include:

  • Create More Space and Floor Room
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe with Proper Installation
  • Versatile Cabinet and Drawer Options
  • Stylish Practicality
  • Minimalist Design
  • Low-Impact Installation for Minimal Wall Damage
  • Brings Versatility to Any Room in Your Home

We are your Texas experts for creating innovative storage solutions for any room or area in your home. Our design and installation crew has a knack for building beautifully designed mudrooms with custom cabinetry that will fit your lifestyle needs. We help to make any room versatile and more functional with Murphy Bed designs, so you can use your space in the best way possible. Our team of honest professionals make organization and functionality easy with customized solutions for your unique spaces!

Schedule Your Free In-Home Design Consultation Now for Mudroom and Murphy Bed Storage Solutions!

It never hurts to know your options! Our team of designers are ready to come right to your door to assist you with creating more functional spaces within your home! Call us today for your free consultation!


My mudroom or entryway is skinny, will your designers be able to help?

No matter the size, we have the eye for design it takes to create a space that is functional. Our custom cabinets, hooks, hanging rods and baskets can be utilized in many diverse ways to help you create a stylish space in any size area.

Will a Murphy Bed fit in the same room as my Home Office?

We are able to customize your home office with a Murphy Bed, so everything ties in seamlessly together. A home office is the perfect place to create a multi-functional area that can be a home away from home for your guests on the weekends. Call our designers for help designing your perfect multi-dimensional space now!

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