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About Custom Closets of Houston

Organization is back in style.

Welcome to Our Family

Paul & Stephanie Bennett

Over the past five years we’ve been blessed to work with many great customers through our garage renovation company, Garage Experts. We were asked many times by happy customers if we could apply the same high quality work and organizational products to the interior of their homes. After recognizing that a need for this existed with so many of our past and future customers, we decided to turn their problems into solutions with custom home organization systems and founded Custom Closets of Houston.


Locally owned and operated in Katy, Texas, we are dedicated to providing superior customer service and high quality products to our local Houston community. We pride ourselves on taking the burden of home organization off of your shoulders and on to ours. We take care to maximize your home through personalized measurement, design and installation of high quality custom products & services including:

Our goal continues to be growing a business that values family, hard work, dedication and community. Our promise to you and to every customer is to deliver home organization systems that allow you to focus more on enjoying time with your family and loved ones and less on figuring out where you misplaced your favorite pair of pumps

Our Ideal Customer

We are devoted to helping homeowners like you conquer the organizational chaos that is your home. Our organizational solutions are best suited for:

  • Single Family Homeowners
  • Townhouse Homeowners
  • Apartment & Condominium Builders
  • Home Builders & Contractors

Our products and services are specifically geared towards helping homeowners in the local Houston and surrounding areas. We are unable to help individuals currently renting or leasing property.

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